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PARTAS is a bus transport company in the Philippines, carrying passengers and freight 24/7 to its main destinations in the NCR and the Ilocos region.

“We take pride in our courteous and safe drivers.”


partas bus coaches

First Class Express

  • 4 Seats in a row
  • 48 Seater Bus
  • Air-conditioned
  • TV
  • GPS-monitored
partas bus coaches


  • 4 Seats in a row
  • 45 Seater Bus
  • Air-conditioned
  • TV
  • GPS-Monitored
partas bus coaches

Super Deluxe (before Deluxe)

  • 3 Seat in a row
  • 28 Seater Bus
  • Wide reclining seats
  • Longer Legroom
  • Air-conditioned
  • TV
  • GPS-monitored
  • On-board Restroom 
partas bus coaches

Luxury Bus

  • 3 Seat in a row
  • 26 Seater Bus
  • Offering a more comfortable reclined seat
  • Air-conditioned
  • USB power port
  • Bus Tablet with games, movies, and music
  • CCTV Cameras
  • On-board Restroom 


RouteBus ClassSeatsPrice
Cubao to AbraSuper Deluxe44800+
Cubao to AbraSuper Deluxe281000+
Abra to CubaoDeluxe45740+
Abra to CubaoSuper Deluxe44800+
Abra to CubaoSuper Deluxe281000+
Cubao to LaoagDeluxe45888+
Cubao to LaoagSuper Deluxe44960+
Cubao to LaoagSuper Deluxe281200+
Laoag to CubaoDeluxe45888+
Laoag to CubaoSuper Deluxe44960+
Laoag to CubaoSuper Deluxe281200+
Cubao to ViganDeluxe45740+
Cubao to ViganSuper Deluxe44800+
Cubao to ViganSuper Deluxe281000+
Vigan to CubaoDeluxe45740+
Vigan to CubaoSuper Deluxe44800+
Vigan to CubaoSuper Deluxe281000+
Cubato to CandonSuper Deluxe44800+
Cubao to NarvacanSuper Deluxe44800+
Cubato to CabugaoSuper Deluxe44960+
Pasay to ViganSuper Deluxe44820+
Pasay to AbraSuper Deluxe44820+
Pasay to LaoagSuper Deluxe44980+
Laoag to PasaySuper Deluxe44980+
Vigan to PasaySuper Deluxe44820+
Abra to PasaySuper Deluxe44820+


PARTAS Bus Terminal Cubao

816 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao Quezon City, Philippines 1109

Contact Numbers: 0917 819 39 09, +63 (02) 724-9820

PARTAS Bus Terminal Cubao